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A Look at the Most Popular Non-Surgical Aesthetic Procedures of 2012

November 28, 2012 |

As part of the aging process, the skin starts to develop lines and wrinkles, discoloration and uneven skin tones.  To combat signs of aging, both men and women have turned to numerous non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Ideate Media takes a look back to which procedures dominated the aesthetic market in 2012.   The best way to learn about these popular procedures is to talk with doctors offering these services in their offices and medical spas.

The most popular treatments fell into three categories: neurotoxins, fillers and laser.   Botox is still the leader in the toxins market. It is the most requested non-invasive cosmetic procedure in 2012. Botox is estimated to be a $1.8 billion dollar industry. In 2011, 5.6 million injections were performed, reflecting the immense popularity of this procedure. Botox injections have been around for a long time and are still the dominant procedure when men and women want a quick fix for a younger appearance.

The use of lasers came in at the number two spot for the year. Popular laser procedures include non-invasive light procedures and fractionated skin resurfacing lasers. These lights and lasers can be very effective in removing sun spots, improving flushing and superficial blood vessels of Rosacea, reduce unwanted hair, and softening lines and wrinkles. The health and appearance of the skin is significantly improved with the various technologies available in the market.

Taking up the third spot are dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, and Radiesse.

These fillers correct deeper lines, wrinkles and loss of volume commonly seen in the aging face. Depending on the problem areas, Dr. Cheng works with the patient to choose the appropriate filler to yield best results. New exciting news in the dermal filler market is the recent introduction of Belotero. Belotero is a hyaluronic acid filler designed to treat stubborn, thin, etched lines typically found around the mouth area, in between the brows, and even crow’s feet. The introduction of Belotero has allowed Dr. Cheng to work on problem areas that typically would require more invasive laser procedures and more downtime.

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