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Botox Alternative Removes Wrinkles, Naturally

July 3, 2008 |

Let’s “face” it – eventually we will all get wrinkles. But did you know that absentminded frowning or furrowing of the face (while working or concentrating) WILL speed up the wrinkling process, compounding the ravages of age? The more persistent and habitual the frown, the more aggressively the wrinkles will take hold. Historically, the only way to reverse these particular effects of age and habit has been either surgery or expensive, repeated injections… until now. Hypnox is a 25-minute hypnotherapeutic audio CD developed as an alternative to Botox. Botox paralyzes the facial muscles making it nearly impossible to frown – all-natural Hypnox targets and re-trains those same muscles. Hypnox uses hypnosis to stop the frowning habit, allowing wrinkles to ease away – permanently in many cases.

Hypnotherapy is ideally designed to fight habits – it has been used successfully by millions of people as an aid to quit smoking, or to curb over-eating. If you think of persistent frowning as a habit, Hypnox makes perfect sense.

The introduction of Hypnox is timely – Botox has been receiving criticism lately, and consumers are actively seeking alternatives. Botox is a neurotoxin – the prescribing information compiles a long list of possible side effects, and the long-term effect of these injections is still unknown. Recent reports have found the toxin traveling to other parts of the body, far from the injection site. The procedure can potentially blunt the ability to express subtler emotions, it involves repeated (sometimes painful) injections, the results are temporary, and the costs begin at approximately $400 per treatment.

Hypnox, however, is completely safe. Natural and non-invasive, hypnosis has been used effectively in medical applications for thousands of years. The Hypnox CD need only be purchased once, and results are cumulative – becoming more effective as therapy progresses. Hypnox is a particularly valuable alternative to Botox for those working in the performing arts, where the ability to express a full range of emotion with the face is vitally important. Hypnox can be used as a preventative measure in the years before habitual wrinkling has a chance to take hold. The two products are not mutually exclusive – if you choose to work with Botox, Hypnox can extend the results of those injections.

Feedback from Hypnox users describes a noticeable reduction in lines and wrinkles around the eyes and between the brows, as well as a smoothing of the lines around the mouth. The duration of treatment will depend on the susceptibility to hypnosis of the user, but the final effects are the same: relaxed facial muscles – allowing the overlying skin to smooth out, and the mechanical wrinkles to fade away.

The Hypnox system is designed to be used regularly before sleep. Guided by the voice of a trained therapist, Hypnox enables a form of focused concentration with a proven capacity to fight unwanted habits. There is no background music, only a calm female voice performing a clean hypnotic induction. The first section of the recording begins with a progressive muscle relaxation and finishes with a series of movements designed to focus and relax the targeted facial muscles. Once the listener is completely physically relaxed, the focus shifts to the calming and retraining of the five main groups of facial muscles. Next a post-hypnotic suggestion is planted, to ensure that the work continues to be effective – throughout the night, and throughout the following day. As the cycle completes, the listener is moved naturally and easily toward sleep. Although the main focus of Hypnox is to reduce frown lines, crows’ feet and the vertical lines around the mouth, the recording does incorporate additional benefits: users report falling asleep far more easily, as well as experiencing a deeper and more restful night’s sleep. In addition, the hypnotic induction promotes a healthy and positive self-image – after all, the happier you feel, the less you will frown.

Hypnox offers an alternative: your unique face; healthy, relaxed – and free of unnecessary lines and wrinkles. That is true beauty.

About Hypnox

Hypnox was developed at our studios in Dundas, Ontario by a fully trained, NGH Certified Hypnotherapist. It is the result of seven years of research, uniting the latest advances in skincare technology with state-of-the-art hypnotic technique. The process is enhanced with a proven psychological approach for promoting healthy self-esteem. The recording is available as a CD or MP3 download at Production on multi-language versions begins later this year.

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