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Botox Being Used by Young People

April 29, 2010 |

Botox has become popular even in people as young as 20 years. Earlier, it was assumed that Botox was mainly used by people older than 40 years. Many young people are regular Botox users and like the effect it has on their face. And physicians are seeking Botox training in record numbers.

Many Botox users are stressing that they do not want any lines to appear on their face. Doctors also confirm that earlier Botox was used to remove facial wrinkles but now it is being used to prevent any facial lines from appearing.

Regular Botox users have mentioned it is increasingly becoming common to use it and a lot of youngsters are using it frequently. The cost of an average Botox treatment is around $300 and it also depends on the area treated and the number of injections.

Dermatologists argued that young women did not need Botox as their skin was elastic. Even though it is not unhealthy, it is felt by dermatologists that if facial muscles in one area were paralyzed, it may lead to lines in other facial parts.

There are some experts who stress that Botox treatment is effective even if the frequency of treatment is reduced. Doctors argue that even if the frequency of treatment is reduced 50%, it still remains effective.

Experts stress that Botox treatments should only be administered by qualified and experiences doctors following proper precautions.


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