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Botox could be the cure for baldness

June 24, 2009 |

Botox, the antiwrinkle injection, is being used as a surprise treatment for baldness.  Dr Simon Ourian, a cosmetic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California, claimed that he stumbled upon its unexpected powers by accident while treating his mother who was suffering from migraines after having chemotherapy which had made her hair fall out.

Familiar with Botox’s use as a headache treatment, he injected the chemical – the medical name for a form of Botulinum toxin – into her scalp but was surprised to find that it also appeared to help her hair to grow back.

He said that he tested his discovery on volunteers for three years, adding a mixture of vitamins to make the process more effective.

“With my patients these Botox vitamin injections for baldness have been very safe and more effective than anything I have seen before,” he Dr Ourian.

If his claims are proved in formal scientific trials it could potentially be used as the basis for new treatments for baldness.

The theory is that by dilating blood vessels, Botox, a relaxant, allows nutrients into shrunk follicles by dilating the blood vessels.

“I was happily surprised by the result,” he said. “So I decided to share the discovery with several of my regular patients. Because hair loss is a significant source of insecurity for many people, both men and women, there was no shortage of volunteers with thinning hair.”


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