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Botox has surprising benefits for stroke survivors

May 22, 2012 |

At age 29, New Orleanian Sarah Abrusley was living a fabulous full life with her husband Damien. The professional ballerina was also fulfilling her dream on stage performing around the world. Then, in September of 2007, she says she awoke with the worst headache of her life.   “So I stand up from my bed and already the left side of my body is paralyzed.  But in fact I did not realize it. I began to walk and I realized I’m not walking well,” said Abrusley.

Her husband rushed her to a nearby emergency room where hours later they would learn she had suffered a stroke.

…..Her left arm, for example, was unusable. Her muscles were so tight she could not open her tight-fisted hand. It’s a condition known as spasticity. But that changed last year when she started a new unlikely treatment……

She started receiving injections of the popular cosmetic product Botox, the trade name for botulinum toxin, normally used for smoothing out wrinkles.  Botox injections in Sarah’s arm, administered every three to four months, proved the treatment is not just for preserving youthfulness — it’s also useful in restoring life in limbs of stroke survivors.

“More and more my fingers are relaxed.  Everyday I can very readily take my wedding ring on and off,” said Abrusley.

The Botox also helped improve her ability to walk on her job as a concierge at a local hotel. When the injections relaxed the tightness in the muscles of her left hand, it also helped improved her overall balance.

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