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Botox – the smooth way to get ahead in business

July 20, 2011 |

When solicitor Mark Roberts has an important court appearance looming, the preparation is often the same.  Arduous working days, sleepless nights and sometimes a week or so in advance: Botox.

But this is not about eradicating wrinkles. For Roberts, who deals in commercial litigation, it is his edge in an ever competitive market.

“When I’m in court or working on a settlement, it allows me to appear calmer and more in control than I actually am, and in negotiations my face won’t give away surprise or shock the way it used to. It’s just part of playing the game,” he explains.

Roberts is one of an increasing number of City professionals getting what cosmetic doctors are calling “pro-tox” or “professional Botox” injections, to stop them looking stressed and gain confidence in the workplace.

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