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Botox to be tested for Treating Cold Sores

November 24, 2010 |

A treatment used to get rid of wrinkles is being used for other purposes as well. Apparently, Botox is being used to treat the cold sores that occur in people suffering from the herpes simplex virus. The sores usually appear around the lips of people suffering from the condition.

Though, the infection does not appear in its nascent stages, yet once it’s activated, people end up suffering from cold sores, which appear on a regular basis.

The cosmetic procedure is being currently scrutinized to check, whether it can help people suffering from herpes. The research is being conducted by a group of researchers from the Chicago Centre for Facial Plastic Surgery in the United States.

In the research, victims of herpes will be administered the poison that paralyses muscle for three months. The logic that has been applied by scientists is that the paralysis would result in the virus being blocked, which means that the virus will be forced to remain dormant because muscles will be left redundant.

The specialists involved in the program will ensure the safety of the participants in the study by making sure that they do not inject the Botox in the primary muscle of their lips.

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