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‘Brotox’ trending as men become less afraid to look good

March 15, 2012 |

They call it “Brotox” — slang for Botox treatments for guys.

Evan Lo Balbo had never heard of the word until his girlfriend suggested they do something to fight the mean signs of aging on their faces.

But there he was, a manly man, sitting in a reclining chair, Dr. Richard Castellano pushing needles into his forehead.

“I’ve popped zits that hurt more than that,” he said afterward. “It wasn’t bad at all.”

Lo Balbo is among a growing number of guys getting Botox injections and facial fillers to improve their looks.

The term “Brotox” isn’t new, but got a boost in January when “Good Morning America” did a profile on women who think their men need Botox and give it to them as gifts. For those versed in mash-up lingo, “Brotox” went mainstream, joining “bromance” and other “brocabulary” spoken from one “bro” to another

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