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CPR for the Aesthetic Industry

February 16, 2009 |

Feeling like you need to breathe some life into your aesthetic business? Want to raise cash to market your cash based procedures?  It is all about C.P.R.:  Consultations that Produce Revenues!

I have worked with over 300 health care professionals in the last couple years, and the hardest learning curve for most is “selling high revenue cosmetic procedure  packages”.  As healthcare professionals, we never thought we would be selling anything!   There is a way to present your products and services without being “salesy”.  This C.P.R. style is consultative and mimics the patient interview that you do with your medical patients. 

Follow these steps:
1.    Greet the client and thank him/her for coming in today.
2.    Ask the client to “Look in the mirror with me.  What would you like to improve?”
3.    Listen and make notes on their concerns and draft your prescription to improve the symptoms.
4.    Put together a treatment plan using all of your aesthetic tools and present this to the client.
5.    Sit back and wait for the client’s questions to come. And they will come.
6.    Answer their questions briefly and relate the benefit of the treatment to his/her needs.
7.    Fit these treatments and products into his/her lifestyle and budget and you will achieve a Consultation that Produces Revenues!

If professionally selling cosmetic procedures does not come naturally to you, you are not alone.  Practicing these and other selling strategies in the privacy of your own home or office in your leisure time will pay off immediately in a healthy, less stressful, cash producing practice!

Sign up today for my new teleseminar series “C.P.R. for the Aesthetic Industry   Breathe some cash into your cosmetic medical practice!”  Get your entire staff on board with selling cash revenue procedures!  Contact Cindy Graf at or 262.707.5313.

Cindy Graf, Practice Management Consultant

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