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Creating a Low Cost Medical Spa Marketing Program

October 20, 2008 |

In the past I’ve ranted a little on old school PR versus internet friendly PR. The fact is your medical spa needs to be found on Google. The goal is whenever you do any speaking, writing or interviews, you want to ensure there is an electronic trail back to your medical spas website. If you don’t have a website, you better get one ASAP! What you are looking for is longevity, and that is where the internet comes in. According to Google, 1.3 billion people are online. So every part of your medical spa marketing and promotional strategy must have a link to the internet (i.e. make sure your highest value keywords are used throughout all of your traditional marketing campaigns).

Now there is a second step, which is more targeted. Here you will find out who writes about the aesthetic medicine / medical spa industry. It could be the local “health beat” reporter on TV and radio, or a writer for the local weekly and daily newspapers.  The goal is to become their “Go To” person when they need someone to interview for an aesthetic medicine or medical spa story, you want to get your name and medspa’s name in the general media (which will hopefully have an electronic connection to the internet).  Before you contact them, you should Google them and see their writing style and topics of interest. If you’re lucky they may even have a blog.  Contributing to their blog is a great first step to build trust and credibility with them.  As well you can consider creating a Google Alert on their name to send you an e-mail when they write something that is published on the internet. Once you are comfortable there is a fit, give them a call to introduce yourself.

If you want to build yourself up as an industry expert, you may want to consider registering for Peter Shankman’s “Help a Reporter Out” (HARO). Here you will receive about 3 e-mails a day listing experts that reporters are looking for. It could be a reporter from MSNBC or a freelance reporter with a magazine.

Jeff Russell
Executive-Director, IAPAM

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