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Cynosure Introduces Smartlipo MPX(TM) Dual Wavelength Workstation for LaserBodySculpting(SM)

April 28, 2008 |

WESTFORD, Mass., April 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Cynosure, Inc. (Nasdaq: CYNO), a leading developer and manufacturer of a broad array of light-based aesthetic treatment systems, today announced the introduction of Smartlipo MPX, the next generation of the company’s award-winning family of workstations for laser lipolysis. Smartlipo MPX is the only FDA-cleared, dual-wavelength laser system designed to efficiently liquefy fat and tighten skin through collagen remodeling. Smartlipo MPX will premier at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s 41st Annual Meeting May 2-6, 2008 in San Diego, CA.

The novel Smartlipo MPX platform utilizes the Company’s patented MultiPlex technology to combine the benefits of the 1064-nm and 1320-nm wavelengths in one laser output. MultiPlex technology enables the workstation’s two wavelengths to be blended, or fired sequentially, for optimal fat liquefaction and skin tightening results. The two wavelengths can also be used individually and each offers unique characteristics. The 20 watt 1064-nm wavelength disrupts a broad region of tissue while heating the treated areas evenly. The 1064-nm wavelength also mediates blood vessel coagulation enhancing hemostasis. The 12 watt 1320-nm wavelength is highly concentrated with minimal scatter, and is rapidly absorbed by the water in the tissue. The combination of the two wavelengths creates a blended thermal and photomechanical effect that efficiently liquefies fat and tightens skin through collagen remodeling.

“Since we launched Smartlipo in early 2007, the treatment quality and safety of our system has helped to establish this product as the standard for laser lipolysis in the U.S.,” said Cynosure President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Davin. “Now we aim to replicate that success with Smartlipo MPX. We expect to introduce the product to our domestic customer base this quarter, and internationally in the second half of this year, beginning with select international markets. We believe customers worldwide will be excited about Smartlipo MPX’s unique blended dual-wavelength technology, which allows physicians to customize their treatment protocol based on the specific needs of individual patients.””The combination of wavelengths in the Smartlipo MPX is very effective for the laser lipolysis patient,” said Barry DiBernardo, M.D., Medical Director of New Jersey Plastic Surgery in Montclair, N.J. Dr. DiBernardo has been selected as a featured speaker at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s meeting, where he will discuss his clinical experience with the Smartlipo MPX in a “Best of Hot Topics” panel discussion. “By virtue of the MultiPlex component, Smartlipo MPX emits the wavelengths individually or sequentially. In performing laser lipolysis, it’s important to heat the skin gradually to ensure patient safety. The blending of the two wavelengths together provides us a very gradual and safer slope to achieve our goal skin temperature, which allows for a more uniform delivery of laser energy, enhancing both the efficacy and safety profile of the system.””While the Smartlipo MPX model is geared toward dermatologists and plastic surgeons that focus on a high volume of liposuction procedures, the single-wavelength 18 watt system remains an excellent option for those who want to incorporate laser lipolysis into their practice,” Davin said. “Cynosure will continue to offer and fully support our single wavelength Smartlipo system. Going forward, we will work with all of our current and prospective Smartlipo customers on an individual basis to determine the LaserBodySculpting technology that best fits their practice.”How Smartlipo MPX Works

As with the original Smartlipo Workstation, Smartlipo MPX is a minimally invasive laser lipolysis system. The system’s proprietary pulsing format delivers laser energy through a cannula to liquefy the fat, which is then removed from the body. The laser energy also coagulates the tissue, thereby sculpting body contours and tightening the skin. The procedure generally causes less bleeding, swelling and bruising than traditional liposuction, resulting in fewer complications and faster recovery. Cynosure received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance to market Smartlipo in the fourth quarter of 2006.

Smartlipo MPX can be configured with Cynosure’s recently introduced proprietary SmartSense(TM) intelligent delivery system. SmartSense features an advanced microchip, the Accelerometer, which is inserted into the intelligent handpiece, to ensure the precise level of energy is delivered based on the area of treatment and predetermined settings in conjunction with the motion of the handpiece. SmartSense ensures patient safety, automatically shutting down the laser within two-tenths of a second after motion of the handpiece stops.

“The introduction of Smartlipo MPX extends Cynosure’s position as the recognized market leader in laser lipolysis technology,” Davin said. “We are committed to providing our industry with the safest and most efficacious aesthetic technology possible, and we believe that Smartlipo MPX with SmartSense delivers on both fronts. To continue to broaden adoption of our technology, through the remainder of 2008 we plan to present numerous peer reviewed clinical studies that evaluate treatment optimization and explore potential new indications. Complementing our clinical initiatives, we are conducting a comprehensive training and education program designed to help our customers provide the best possible patient experience.”

About Cynosure, Inc.

Cynosure, Inc. develops and markets aesthetic treatment systems that are used by physicians and other practitioners to perform non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures to remove hair, treat vascular lesions, rejuvenate skin through the treatment of shallow vascular and pigmented lesions, laser lipolysis and temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cynosure’s products include a broad range of laser and other light-based energy sources, including Alexandrite, pulsed dye, Nd:YAG and diode lasers, as well as intense pulsed light. Cynosure was founded in 1991.

For corporate or product information, contact Cynosure at 800-886-2966, or visit

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