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Dentist’s team built for body makeovers

November 5, 2008 |

Imagine having a 12-person staff dedicated to your every physical need, whether it is whiter teeth, a toned body or a complete wardrobe makeover.

That is exactly what the Body Inc. team is doing for Metro Detroiters who are looking to make long-term changes in their appearance — and want the help of some of the area’s top experts in hair, makeup, body, clothing and accessories.

Founded by Clawson-based cosmetic dentist Alan R. Grodin, Body Inc. is a conglomeration of 12 area professionals with experience in plastic surgery, vision enhancement, laser medical services, anti-aging treatments, physical therapy, pain management, fitness, fashion, hair and make-up, spa services and jewelry.

“It’s about looking good, feeling good and fighting Father Time,” Grodin said.

Here’s how it works: By purchasing a membership card for $495 annually, clients receive discounts on the services of Body, Inc. professionals. For example, Grodin offers 10 percent off whitening and “smile makeover” services, which includes porcelain veneers, his personal area of expertise.

As a bonus, members receive special incentives, such as gift certificates or exclusive vacations that are offered based on use of the Body Inc. card. The more services utilized, the greater the rewards received. Spend $20,000, and you earn a 2-night stay at the tony Townsend Hotel in downtown Birmingham.

Think you can’t spend that much? Think again. Grodin said some dental treatments run that much, depending on the client. So a Body Inc. member would save $2,000 right off the bat and earn the Townsend reward as well.

Over the long term, Grodin imagines the Body Inc. partners building a facility where they could work together in a group office setting. He also dreams of taking his idea national, perhaps starting a franchise of sorts for other Body Inc. companies in such cities as Los Angeles, Phoenix or Naples, Fla.

“We want to make sure it is a total success here before we would ever venture out and try to do it somewhere else,” Grodin said.

Cosmetic improvements are somewhat recession proof, and they could remain so especially if people could receive discounts for getting work done, Grodin said.

Grodin said the idea has floated around for some years now, but no one ever put a team together. When he decided to move forward in December 2007, he started by putting together a list of all the body parts where people seek improvement. Next, he and his staff compiled a list of area doctors that specialize in those areas.

By March, Grodin began to approach his ideal partners. The group started with 10 participants, all of whom Grodin said are considered to be high-end providers and are well respected in Metro Detroit and nationally.

“I think it’s the cream of the crop in Metro Detroit,” Grodin said. “Detroit is a great place for doctors and other beauty specialists.”

For more information, visit or call (248) BODY INC

Karen Dybis is a Metro Detroit freelance writer.


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