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Do You have a YouTube Channel for your MedSpa?

August 26, 2009 |

IAPAM's Jeff RussellThe fact is people love multimedia, according to MediaWeek, rich media ads that featured video excelled in most branding categories, including awareness, brand favorability and purchase intent.  It’s easy to see why, since most people have access to high speed internet at home and work, in addition to their iPhones and Blackberry’s. Creating video content is a great way for your prospective medical spa clients to get acquainted with your MedSpa.

The next question is what should you show? It could be an overview of what your MedSpa offer’s like San Diego MedSpa Laser Clinque did.  Or you may want to highlight of some medispa procedures you offer.  Ideally, if you have been interviewed by the local media, you can should get those clips on your website, like Dr. Jennifer Linder did on her website.

One of the keys to creating video content is that you don’t necessarily need a polished look, you may want to go for the more “authentic” feel. Which is great for your pocketbook, since this is a much more inexpensive way to go. You may want to hire a local videographer to do the entire job, or use your Mac (using the included iMovie and Garageband) and a video camera and do it yourself.   Once you’ve create the video, you may want to upload it directly to your MediSpa’s website, or you could upload it to YouTube and link to it from there to your MedSpa’s website.  The benefit to going through YouTube is that since they’re owned by Google, you’re MedSpa could rank higher in Google’s search engine rankings. If you are going to distribute the video’s through YouTube, you are going to want to create a YouTube channel for your medical spa.

Creating a YouTube channel is fairly easy to do. Visit and select the “Create Account” button.  When creating an account, try and make your username the name of your medical spa (this will help increase your search engine ranking when people search for you using your medspa’s name on the internet). In order to create an account, you’ll need a Google account. You may need to open a new account specifically for this YouTube account (it may not be a good idea to link your existing personal Google account to this YouTube account). Once your account is setup, click the “Account” button so you can edit your profile. You should see “Profile Setup” on the left, now you’ll be able to upload your MedSpa’s logo, write a search engine friendly description and your websites url. You can also customize the look of your YouTube channel by going to “Channel Design” (also on the left). I will say that I don’t think customizing your YouTube channel is the easiest thing to do, so you may need to use their Help function, or watch some “How To” YouTube video’s. You may also want to read this blog article from Mashable.

Once your channel is setup, you can begin uploading your videos. If you are using iMovie, there is a link  within the program that will upload your video’s directly to YouTube.  Once they are published on YouTube, you can now link or embed your video’s to your MedSpa’s website (similarly to what we did for the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium website, you can see the YouTube video embedded on the right).

Here are some examples of aesthetic industry, medical spa related YouTube channels:

I hope this gives you a better understanding on how you can use a YouTube channel to help promote your Medical Spa.

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