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First 5 Continent Congress a Huge Success According to Vendors and Physicians

September 15, 2009 |

New technologies and modalities were presented in Nice France this past weekend at what was the first annual 5 Continent Congress of Lasers and Aesthetic Medicine (5CC)

Nice, France – According to the organizers, 450 physicians and industry professionals from every corner of the world gathered in the French Riviera for extensive interaction, lively conversations and advanced training in many areas related to the medical use of lasers and aesthetic treatments. The large attendance by both vendors and physicians is a good indicator of improving economic conditions.

At least two companies made major product announcements at 5CC.

Zeltiq Aesthetics announced that it had received the European CE mark approval for non-invasive fat layer reduction using Cryolipolysis. The Zeltiq is a body contouring treatment requiring only one treatment that strategically lowers the temperature of fat cells. Fat is destroyed over a two to four month period without any incisions, needles, anesthesia or down time. With European CE Mark approval, Zeltiq is now being marketed in Asia, Canada and Europe. Zeltiq availability in the United States is very limited at this time but should grow quickly based on the enthusiasm of the physicians interviewed.

Syneron presented an industry-first treatment modality named Sublative Rejuvenation which is an add on to the eMatrix system. Sublative Rejuvenation treatment is a combination of ablation and skin resurfacing leading to wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and lifting with less downtime than traditional skin rejuvenating treatments. This new sublative targeting maximizes clinical results and reduces downtime and adverse reaction. This procedure is said to have the greatest benefits to patients of color where traditional fractional resurfacing can have adverse side effects.

Other new presentations at the show include:

  • New uses for Ulthera to perform lower jowl tightening;
  • The introduction of an ultrasonic hair removal device named Selectif by Applisonix. That is right, it isn’t light based so no burns, no skin pigment issues, it even works on white hair;
  • Formal introduction of a new medical academy – The International Academy of Body Contouring and Laser Lipolysis;
  • New treatment protocol combining SmoothShapes and SmoothLipo; and
  • RF Assisted Liposuction – BodyTite by Invasix, already CE and ISO cleared, currently pending FDA approval. BodyTite and Zelteq were two new players to the body contouring division that stimulated considerable conversation and interest.

Source:  American Health and Beauty, Staff Writer 9/14/2009

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