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IAPAM Announces Position Statement on Using hCG for Weight Loss

December 14, 2011 |

The IAPAM is committed to educating physicians in the industry’s best practices for hCG for weight loss. In support of this commitment, the IAPAM has prepared a position statement ( on safely using hCG for Weight Loss. In summary:

– The IAPAM agrees with the FDA regarding homeopathic hCG. The IAPAM supports the FDA/FTC’s removal of homeopathic hCG from the market. Homeopathic hCG is unproven and unsafe, and was never used for weight loss in the original Dr. Simeons program for weight loss (

– hCG on its own is not effective for weight loss. What is required is a strict protocol, which includes: the use of prescription hCG, diet and patient counseling in order for hCG to be successful for weight loss. The IAPAM has found that physician directed hCG weight loss programs are very successful. Over 15,000 patients have safely and successfully lost weight by working with physicians who follow the IAPAM hCG for Weight Loss Protocol.

– The IAPAM does not endorse prescribing hCG for weight loss unless the physician has been properly trained, evaluates every patient, and reviews a comprehensive medical history along with current lab testing.

– Most existing hCG studies are flawed. The IAPAM has found that the few studies which have found that hCG offers no benefit over placebo for weight loss, do not always follow the Simeons Protocol precisely.

The IAPAM Agrees with the FDA’s Position in Homeopathic hCG

The IAPAM ( is in total agreement with the FDA’s ban on homeopathic hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

The IAPAM and Ilisa Bernstein of the FDA agree that, homeopathic “hCG products, marketed over-the-counter, are unproven to help with weight loss and are potentially dangerous even if taken as directed, and a very low calorie diet should only be used under proper medical supervision.”

“It is unsafe for a person to undertake a 500 calorie a day diet without the direct supervision of a physician. The original Simeons hCG protocol did not use or envision homeopathic hCG. Homeopathic hCG is unproven and unsafe, and these products contain little or no hCG,” emphasizes Jeff Russell, Executive Director of the IAPAM.

15,000 Patients have Safely and Successfully Lost Weight on the IAPAM’s hCG Protocol

Mr. Russell further emphasizes that, “hCG is only one part of an hCG program. The key to successful weight loss is: to use pharmaceutical grade hCG, to follow a strict diet and maintenance protocol, and to be under the direct supervision of a physician. A full patient medical history and complete lab testing is needed prior to any patient going on the hCG program. Using hCG alone will not result in safe, long term weight loss.”

Over 15,000 patients have safely and successfully lost weight under physician supervision and on the IAPAM’s hCG Protocol (

Inconsistencies in Existing hCG Studies

Finally, in reviewing many of the studies that have been completed since the 1960s, the IAPAM has found that many of these trials did not follow the Simeons Protocol exactly. Physicians, who have reviewed the studies, have commented that they “were small studies and not rigorously controlled.” Moreover, many of “the studies done on hCG in the literature were not undertaken by physicians trained on the hCG diet,” and/or the “studies did not look at some of the touted benefits of hCG, such as how people feel on the diet, how and where they lose weight, and the success rates of people taking hCG.”

Ultimately, patients will have safe and effective weight loss, if under the supervision of a properly trained physician, expert in the use of pharmaceutical hCG for weight loss.

For a copy of the IAPAM’s Position Statement on hCG for Weight Loss go to For more information on the IAPAM’s hCG Training for Physicians or to register for an upcoming hCG Training seminar, please see or call the IAPAM at 1-800-219-5108 ext. 708 or email

About the IAPAM: The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine

The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine is a voluntary association of physicians and supporters, which sets standards for the aesthetic medical profession. The goal of the association is to offer education, ethical standards, credentialing, and member benefits. IAPAM membership is open to all licensed medical doctors (MDs), dentists (DDSs/DMDs) doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs), physicians assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs). The IAPAM offers aesthetic medicine and hCG medical weight management programs, including: Botox ® training, medical aesthetic training, laser training, physician hCG training, and aesthetic practice business training. Additional information about the association can be accessed through the IAPAM’s website ( or by contacting:

Jeff Russell, Executive-Director
International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)
1-800-219-5108 x704

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