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IAPAM’s Botox Training: Industry’s Leading Cosmetic Injectable Training

September 17, 2009 |

Las Vegas, NV – September 17, 2009 – The International Association of Physicians In Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM) is offering industry-leading Botox training for both new entrants to the Botox/dermal filler field, and professionals looking to hone their cosmetic injectable skills.

New Entrants:  Aesthetic Medicine Symposium’s Botox Training

Physicians wanting to adding Botox to their practice now have a program that is tailored for their specific needs. Physicians can now learn best practices from fellow doctors in the industry’s leading dermatologist-lead botox training program.  Botox training is a critical component of the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium, which offers instruction on the top 5 minimally invasive procedures: Botox, Dermal Fillers, Microdermbarsion, Chemical Peels, and Laser Hair Removal. Leading the faculty is a team of renowned cosmetic dermatologists who will cover aesthetic patient consultations, facial anatomy & musculature, Botox(TM) and Dysport(TM) product preparation, pain management, procedural protocols, post treatment issues and continuing practice support.

Board certified dermatologist Dr Jennifer Linder, emphasizes that “any effective training program should provide tips on how to give an effective consultation with each patient. This should include a thorough evaluation of the individual characteristics of the face, a comprehensive discussion with the patient regarding risks and benefits, and most importantly, how to appropriately set and manage realistic patient expectations.”   Fellow IAPAM Faculty Member, dermatologist Dr. Toni C. Stockton, instructs registrants on the latest technologies and products, from Botox(TM)to Dysport®. She also educates physicians on dealing with possible adverse events due to the procedure.

Advance Botox(TM)Training

Also presented by the IAPAM, the Physician Botox/Dermal Filler Training Bootcamp offers practitioners two days of the most intensive hands-on cosmetic injectable training available in North America.  The medical faculty instructing at the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposiums, as well as those teaching at the IAPAM’s Botox/Filler Bootcamp are experienced in the “industry’s best practices,” particularly regarding the teaching of Botox(TM)and other neurotoxin injection techniques and protocols.

This training includes:

  • The most live patients: 10-14 live patients;
  • The lowest class ratios: No more than 2-3 physicians per instructor;
  • You will inject all 11 areas of the upper and lower face;
  • Over 6 hours of Hands-on Botox and Filler training each day;
  • Includes all cosmetic injectable product;
  • Botox and Filler training materials with DVD’s;
  • Certificate Awarded; and 
  • Botox and Filler CME’s available for IAPAM members.

Day One:  Botox®/Neurotoxin Injectables, where a thorough review of the muscles of facial expression is presented. The indications, risks and benefits of Botox Cosmetic(TM) and other neurotoxins will be discussed for both the upper and lower face. Also, ideal dosing and advanced Botox injection techniques will be emphasized.

Attendees will perform the following botulinum toxin procedures:

  1. treatment of glabellar frown lines;
  2. forehead lines;
  3. periorbital rhytid;
  4. nasalis”bunny” lines;
  5. melomental “marionette” lines;
  6. platysmal bands, horizontal necklace lines;
  7. pebbly “peau d’orange” chin; and 
  8. hypertrophic inferior orbiculartis ”jelly roll.”

Day Two: Dermal Fillers (Juvederm(TM), Restylane(TM), Perlane(TM)).  Physicians-instructors offer a didactic presentation on the use of Restylane/Perlane(TM)and Juvederm(TM)for nasolabial folds, melomental folds (“marionette lines”), and lip augmentation.

Registrants will perform the following hands-on procedures with Juvederm(TM), Restylane(TM) and/or Perlane(TM):

  • Marionette Lines; 

  • Lip augmentation; and

  • Nasolabial Folds.

 Coupled with the hands-on clinical training, the IAPAM’s Advance Botox Bootcamp also offers one year practice support, patient consultation training,procedural protocols, and injectable best practices.  Finally, prior to attending, registrants are encouraged to complete a self-study program. As part of the IAPAM’s commitment to members, physicians who attend are given one year of practice, product and treatment support through membership with the IAPAM. 

All Upcoming Program Dates

Aesthetic Practice Startup Workshop – October 26. Location: Scottsdale, AZ. more info


Advanced Dermal Fillers – October 23. Location: Toronto, Canada

Botox/Dermal Filler Bootcamp – Oct 24 & 25. Location: Toronto, Canada. more info

Aesthetic Medicine Symposium

October 24-25.  Scottsdale, AZ.  more info 

Aesthetic Medicine Symposium – December 5-6.  Location:  Scottsdale, AZ.  more info

About the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)

The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine is a voluntary association of physicians and supporters, which sets standards for the aesthetic medical profession. The goal of the association is to offer education, ethical standards, credentialing, and member benefits. IAPAM membership is open to all licensed medical doctors (MDs) and doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs). Information about the association can be accessed through IAPAM’s website at or by contacting:

Jeff Russell, Executive-Director International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)

1-800-219-5108 x705

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