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Investing in Non Surgical Weight Management programs During Tough Economic Times

October 7, 2008 |
  1. New Procedures always bring new patients.
  2. New Procedures give a cutting edge image to a medical practice.
  3. Weight Management programs including fast surgical results improve the general physical and mental health of 70% of your patients.
  4. Physician maintains control of the patient by managing the weight loss rather than patients doing fad diets without medical supervision.
  5. Internal marketing of Safe Liposuction procedures bring interested patients into the new cash segment of the practice and allows the physician to channel these patients into medical weight management first with a weekly cash revenue of $65/ patient plus non surgical and surgical revenues of up to $2000 per patient.
  6. These same patients move on to Slim Lipo to finish off their hard work in weight loss programs and facial rejuvenation with laser/light, injectables, physician directed skin care and mineral makeup which are all annuity cash procedures.
  7. Medical Weight Management puts a healthy slant on a medical practice which is contagious for everyone involved rather than focusing on sick people all day.
  8. Cosmetic medicine is healthy for an ailing practice.  Invest a little gain a lot.
  9. When times are tough financially, reduce overhead and add $cash$ business. Don’t work harder, work smarter.
  10. If you feel you are on a downhill treadmill in medicine, think about investing in cosmetic medical procedures, a safe place to watch your money grow!

From Cindy Graf’s (262-707-5313, “Fast Track Turn Key Plan for integrating Cosmetic Medicine/ Weight Management Programs” into your practice.

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