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Mansfield Woman Sold DIY Botox Kits

November 25, 2009 |

A Mansfield woman is facing charges and possible fines for allegedly selling do-it-yourself Botox injection kits over the internet.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says Laurie D’Alleva sold several prescription drugs online from her businesses, Ontario MedSpa and Discount MedSpa.   Abbott says D’Alleva does not have a license to sell or distribute prescription products, which is required in Texas.

Ontario MedSpa’s website sold several products, including Dysport and another the site calls “Freeze,” which the AG’s office says contains botulinum toxin.  The site also sold the drugs as part of do-it-yourself kits, containing the drugs, syringes and needles.  The site was still online as of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The AG says D’Alleva claimed that she was allowed to sell the prescription medications because she was a member of a group called the Texas Medical Council.  But no such group exists.

D’Alleva also apparently produced “how-to” videos showing herself injecting her own face with syringes, which she posted to YouTube.

Wired Magazine did its own investigation of D’Alleva’s business last month.  Although she has apparently removed the videos from YouTube, Wired saved one and posted it.

The AG is charging D’Alleva with several violations of state law.  She could be fined up to $25,000 per violation per day of the Texas Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, and up to $20,000 per violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices act.

Agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency, Mansfield Police, the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office, and the Tarrant County Constable’s Office were all at D’Alleva’s house when we were there Tuesday afternoon.  She was there too, because she has not been arrested.  But she refused to talk to us.

Nov 24, 2009, CBS Broadcasting Inc.

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