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Melt that Muffin Top! Non-surgical Body Contouring

February 23, 2009 |

Dr. Hamori is the first to offer Thermage for Body sculpting — using the improved Body Tip 16.0 wand — in the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. The new Thermage tip is larger, covering 5 times the surface area, making skin tightening treatments twice as fast, with an overall improvement in the patient’s experience.

Christine Hamori Cosmetic Surgery + Skin Spa is pleased to announce its latest offering for non-surgical body contouring, the Body Tip 16.0 for the Thermage NXT system, which provides a faster, more comfortable body shaping, contouring and cellulite treatment.

“We’ve already seen the effectiveness of Thermage on the face and other areas of the body,” said Christine Hamori, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been offering Thermage at her South Shore practice since March 2004, “now with the new Thermage Tip 16.0, we can treat larger areas of the body and get great tightening and contouring results in half the time.” Said Hamori, the new applicator “is especially well suited for melting that ‘muffin top’ that we all detest.” Other areas of the body where Dr. Hamori has had success with Thermage skin tightening include abdomen, face, neck, jowls, cheeks, eyelids, lips, forehead, and thighs.

With five times the surface area coverage of traditional Thermage tips, Body Tip 16.0 cuts body shaping and contouring procedure time in half. In addition, the introduction of an innovative energy delivery system used by the Body Tip 16.0 helps improve overall patient comfort.

“Patients have been very pleased with the experience and the results,” said Dr. Hamori. To learn more about Thermage skin tightening and body contouring, see this page on Dr. Hamori’s web site:
Thermage for Body. Also, check out her blog, What’s New In Plastic Surgery? for a post that includes a video of the new Thermage Tip in action.

At the time of this release, Dr. Hamori’s is the only facility in the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont using the new, improved Thermage Tip 16.0 for faster body sculpting results and an improved patient experience.

Christine A. Hamori, MD, is a board-certified, plastic surgeon who is recognized for her delicate skills in cosmetic enhancements that yield natural-looking results for a healthy, happy lifestyle. Serving Boston’s South Shore, Cape Cod and Nantucket, MA, she specializes in breast augmentation/implants, contouring/liposuction, face and neck contouring, facial fillers and Botox® (injectables). Dr. Hamori’s offerings also include the latest in non-surgical technologies such as Thermage™, GentleWaves®, VelaShape™ and more. A full list of available treatments is available on her web site.

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