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New Consumer Guide Helps Patients Achieve Better BOTOX® Treatment Results

May 22, 2013 |

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Scott J. Zevon publishes valuable patient resource, “Consumers’ Guide to Effective Botox Use

Every year over 4 million Americans add BOTOX® injections to their to-do list, making it by far the most popular cosmetic treatment in the nation, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. But improperly performed BOTOX® injections carry expensive and potentially dangerous consequences, says New York plastic surgeon Dr. Scott J. Zevon. To help patients plan for safe, cost-effective treatment, he recently published the Consumers’ Guide to Effective Botox Use.

This concise, user-friendly guide, available on his website, aims to give anyone considering BOTOX® injections a valuable overview to the treatment process in a single, easy-to-follow resource.

In the guide, Dr. Zevon, a board certified plastic surgeon who personally performs BOTOX® injections at his Manhattan practice, provides basics about BOTOX® treatment that are essential knowledge for anyone considering the procedure:

  • Guidelines for choosing a qualified provider to inject Botox properly
  • Fundamentals about the benefits and limitations of Botox
  • Tips for maximizing cost-effectiveness, including a tool for estimating treatment prices

Dr. Zevon stresses that having a basic knowledge of the way that BOTOX® is measured and administered will help consumers recognize when a BOTOX® “bargain” is too good to be true.

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Source:  by Dr. Scott Zevon on May 22, 2013 for The Sacramento Bee at

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