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No Excuses, Men

November 7, 2012 |

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports men are increasingly seeking minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. In fact, Botox is up 8 percent from 2010, and injectable fillers are up are up 11 percent.

“Many men are constantly looking at threats from the younger, more tech-savvy generation and they’re doing anything they can to make themselves more savvy: developing technical skill, dressing like them, trying to look younger.” according to Dr. Phil Haeck, ASPS president, as ABC reported in March.

He says men are more comfortable with the idea of looking more youthful because of the popularity of reality shows and the normalization for cosmetic surgery for men. “Men are willing to try out skin care products and it’s not thought of as gay,” he adds. How thoroughly modern of you, Dr. Haeck.

While the good doctor could have made the point with a bit more finesse, I do see his point. After all, straight men are no longer afraid to wear pink, pop the collar on their Izods, carry satchels and openly talk about the benefits of using sunscreen while golfing.

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