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Non-Surgical Facelifts Increase in Popularity

November 25, 2008 |

Young woman receiving injection on lip, eyes closed, close-up

Hate your wrinkles but don’t want surgery? Some are getting  what’s being called a non surgical facelift.

Dr. Bruce has the story. Like many people, Ingrid Kern doesn’t like what she’s been seeing in the mirror recently. “I dont look like 30 anymore i want to look fresher,” Kern said.

Ingrid’s major complaints; the lines between her nose and mouth, sagging beneath her eyes and lots of sun damage.  However, she does not want a surgical facelift. “I’m vain i dont want to be cut so I don’t want to have an operation because I’m scared like a little kid,”  Kern said.

So Ingrid came to cosmetic specialist Simon Ourian to get what many people are calling the non-surgical facelift. “It’s a lot less invasive safer and a heck of alot less expensive,” Cosmetic Specialist Dr. Simon Ourian said.

After numbing Ingrid’s face with a medicated cream,  Ourian marks the areas to be treated with four different techniques.  First, the wrinkle fillers.

“The first filler-collagen-worked; it lasted a few months but could cause allergic reactions. Now we have Juvaderm, Restylane and Perlane may last longer, about  six months to a year, and may not cause allergies.  For really long term results some suggest Radiess which has calcium in it, or Artefill which contains a synthetic material.

Ourian then uses the more permanent fillers Radiesse and Artefill on deeper areas; the cheeks and the nasolabial lines; he says those may last up to five years.  Botox is used to get rid of frown and smile lines. Then comes something Ourian calls mesotherapy.

“Vitamin B and Aminophylline which may shrink fat cells and shrink small areas that have pockets of fat,” Ourian said. That goes into deep sags along the neck and jaw line.

Finally he used the laser to tighten the skin and remove sun damage.   The entire procedure took less than half an hour. Ingrid returned just two weeks later, “I feel like I’m peeling away and there’s fresh new skin coming every day. It’s amazing.” Kern said.

Ourian says final results will take a bit more filler and one or two more laser treatments. When she compares how she looked two weeks ago, she says she’s already satisfied.

“I want to disclose that i have seen Dr. Ourian and other specialists for skin consults. And keep in mind, this procedure may not be for everyone and may not do as much or last as long as sugrical facelifts.  Many doctors offer this and other options,” Dr. Hensel said.  “See a few specialists before deciding which treatment and which doctor is right for you.”


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