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Statistics Confirm, Botox Training is Essential for Capturing Growth in the Minimally-Invasive Market

February 2, 2011 |

The IAPAM offers the industry’s leading botox training, laser training, dermal filler training and hcg training for physicians new to aesthetic medicine.  The IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium supports a physician’s entry into the minimally-invasive treatment market.  Comprehensive, hands-on training, like that offered through the IAPAM, allows physicians, to capture the recent “spike” in the non-invasive treatment market.
Demand for Botox Training is on the Rise
The demand for botox and other cosmetic injectables is rising.  As reported in a recent study published by the AAFPRS, minimally-invasive procedures are an excellent alternative for some people considering facial or body rejuvenation.  Further, these treatments have the added benefit of traditionally lower costs and shorter recovery times.   Jeff Russell, Executive Director of the IAPAM (, concurs with the findings of organizations like the AAFPRS.  “We are hearing from our members that minimally invasive procedures like botox (Botox Cosmetic and Dysport), dermal fillers (Restylane, Juvederm, and Perlane) as well as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hCG for weight loss, and physician-directed skin care regiments, are in tremendous demand by patients, and we are seeing a correlating increase in the demand for our botox training and other training programs.   Registration for our cornerstone training programs, the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium ( and the IAPAM’s hCG Training for Physicians (, based on the protocol found Dr. Simeons manuscript, Pounds and Inches, has also dramatically increased in the last 8 months.  Physicians are realizing they not only need to offer botox treatments to their patients, but also laser hair removal, IPL skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, physician-directed skin care and hCG for weight loss to their healthcare businesses.  Organizations, like the IAPAM, offer doctors complete training over a weekend, on how to package treatments for the most appealing and profitable outcomes.” 
The Key to a Successful Medspa is Training in Minimally Invasive Procedures
Through discussions with its members, the IAPAM has identified that, in the 4Q of 2010 and continuing in 2011, aesthetic medicine physicians are preforming more non-invasive procedures, such as more chemical peels treatments and more medical microdermabrasions vs. invasive treatments.  The rationale for this increase may be that the economy is improving, and many of the jobless are looking to be more competitive as they re-enter the employment market.  Many job seekers appreciate the competitive advantage of taking a few years off of their faces. To help physicians capture this market growth, the IAPAM is increasing its training offerings, including its Aesthetic Medicine Symposiums with Botox Training and its hCG Medical Weight Management Seminar for Physicians.
IAPAM’s Symposium Offers Best Value for Money
The IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with botox training is different than any other educational program offered in North America.  No other program in the U.S. offers a combination of comprehensive training in all the minimally invasive modalities in 2 days. The IAPAM is where the world’s physicians, of all medical specialties, come together to learn and share their experiences in aesthetic medicine. The IAPAM offers a suite of aesthetic medicine training programs from botox training to hCG training, along with aesthetic practice business training and membership in the IAPAM offers long term support to physicians adding botox, hcg and other aesthetic medicine treatment to a practice.  Finally, unlike programs offered by a private company, attendees of the Aesthetic Medicine Symposium receive certification by the IAPAM, a voluntary professional association of physicians and supporters, which sets standards for the aesthetic medical profession.
For more information or to register in one of the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Medicine Symposiums in 2011, and/or for the IAPAM’s hCG/Physician Weight Loss Training, please see or contact the IAPAM at 1-800-219-5108 ext. 704.

Botox & Juvederm is a trademark of Allergan, Inc. Dysport, Restylane, & Perlane are trademarks of Medicis, Inc. 

About the International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)

The International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine is a voluntary association of physicians and supporters, which sets standards for the aesthetic medical profession. The goal of the association is to offer education, ethical standards, credentialing, and member benefits. IAPAM membership is open to all licensed medical doctors (MDs), dentists (DDSs/DMDs) doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs),  physicians assistants (PA’s) and nurse practitioners (NP’s).  The IAPAM was founded to unite licensed physicians, who practice aesthetic medicine, and their supporters.

Physicians are required to abide by the principles of good medical practice, and be currently licensed with their appropriate medical certifying body.  Information about the association can be accessed through IAPAM’s website at or by contacting:
Jeff Russell, Executive-Director
International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM)
1-800-219-5108 x705



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