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US Clinic launches online virtual Botox bank

April 14, 2010 |

The BotoxBank has been launched by New York-based SmoothMed clinic as a means of encouraging users to engage more with the product and plan ahead for treatments.

The concept is based around consumers subscribing to the website, then creating an online account that allows them to buy up virtual vials of Botox in anticipation of future treatments.

The vials are then stored in the subscriber’s own private ‘Botox Bank’, which allows users to save money by taking advantage of volume discounts, while also allowing them to arrange the most convenient time to have the treatment, SmoothMed claims.

BotoxBank linked to supply chain

Each vial of Botox is the equivalent of 100 units and the online account is linked to the physical supply chain for the clinic, ensuring that a treatment can be made available at any given time chosen by the user.

“I began to see a need for the BotoxBank as patients asked if they could buy a whole vial at a sale price and save the rest for later,” said Dr. Jack Berdy, MD at SmoothMed.

TheBotoxBank also tackles the problem of ensuring that supplies are kept regularly updated and fit in with demands, which at any given time can often exceed supply.

Overcoming Botox storage problems

One of the key obstacles with the supply of Botox is the fact that, once a vial is opened, the product retains its full efficacy for no longer than four hours.

Because of this, SmoothMed does not physically store the vials on the premises and the BotoxBank account order remains virtual. However the clinic is able to offer a secured supply of Botox because the BotoxBank allows it to anticipate demand.

“Obviously with the short shelf life, it can’t be saved for 3 – 4 months until their next visit, but I could see the advantage to regular Botox patients who want to control their costs,” Dr. Berdy added.

Botox treatment deducted from virtual account

Once the treatment is administered – a procedure that usually takes 20 minutes – the user has the same amount of Botox deduced from their BotoxBank account and then is charged an administration fee on top.

Botox has continued to be the most popular non-surgical anti-aging treatment in both Europe and the US and its success has led to its widespread use by millions of users – indeed, an estimated 12 million procedures took place in the US during the course of 2008.

Botox is a trademark belonging to pharmaceuticals and healthcare provider Allergan, but has grown into a business with a $500m-plus turnover on the back of its success with the anti-wrinkle treatment.

By Simon Pitman, 12-Feb-2010


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