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Use Of Botox Injections And Anticholinergic Drugs As Facial Sweating Cures

June 4, 2010 |

Have you had heavy facial sweating for the past couple of years already? If you’ve had it for years, you are definitely searching for a cure that will get rid of your excessive sweating for good or you have tried some treatment methods that disappointed you. Read this article to find out some important facts about excessive facial sweating cures.

Excessive facial sweating has many treatment methods which are categorized into chemical, topical, holistic, and surgical.

First, topical treatments for heavy facial sweating are antiperspirants, ointments, and creams. When talking about topical treatment, this means that the medicine is applied directly on the skin of the affected area. One of the cheapest treatments, topical treatment is also one of the treatments with the shortest duration of effectiveness. The effectiveness of topical treatments is short-term because it is only for 12 to 24 hours and sometimes less if excessive sweating is severe. The most common adverse effect of topical treatments is skin irritation.

Second, chemical treatments for heavy facial sweating are botox injections and anticholinergic drugs. The usual modes of administration for chemical treatments are oral and injection. The effects of anticholinergic drugs lasts for 24 hours. With botox injections, efficacy usually takes 4 months or more depending on your response to the treatment. Furthermore, two to three injections are usually needed before botox injections can control heavy facial sweating. Some of the side effects of anticholinergic drugs are rashes, diarrhea, and nausea while some of the side effects of anticholinergic drugs are facial pain, temporary eyelid droop, and facial asymmetry.

The last option for treating profuse facial sweating is through surgery. It is the last treatment option because the invasive procedure has a lot of possible side effects and complications that can happen after or during surgery. Being the most expensive, surgery is also expected to give the most lasting results of all the different treatment methods for excessive facial sweating.

Holistic treatments for heavy facial sweating are focused on three important aspects of the disease: physical, emotional, and psychological. Scientific studies have shown that heavy facial sweating is caused by an underlying disease or a malfunction in the nervous system. In addition, scientific studies have also shown that a person’s emotional and psychological make-up can affect the development of heavy facial sweating.

With the holistic treatment, these three aspects of profuse facial sweating will be treated with natural methods. For example, in dealing with the emotional aspect, the holistic approach will make use of stress relief and relaxation techniques to control a person’s emotions that can trigger heavy facial sweating. When it comes to the physical aspect, the most important tools that holistic approach will be using are diet and exercise.

And when dealing with the mental issues of people with excessive facial sweating, natural methods will be used to let go of past issues and to cope with present and future issues. The absence of side effects and complication in the holistic treatment is by far its biggest advantage.

Source: 04.06.2010 by Solomon A. Osteen in Health And Fitness

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