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Baby Quasar Review: Anti-Aging Series

January 18, 2010 |

Photo rejuvenation has made headlines in the anti-aging industry for its role in reversing and reducing the signs of aging.

Quasar Light Therapy  is a leader in spa grade professional light therapy products and in 2007 redefined skincare by creating a product that allows us bring the “spa home”.

The Baby Quasar is designed with four wavelengths of natural light making it the most powerful and effective consumer device available today. Simply and thoughtfully designed for you, the individual who wants anti-aging or acne treatments all within the fun and convenience of your own home. The perfect solution to enhancing personal appearance.

The Baby Quasar gives you intense red and infrared light therapy which stimulates cellular metabolism, blood flow and circulation, and collagen reproduction. Using selected wavelengths of red and infrared light tuned to the bodies cellular needs, the Baby Q helps to create healthy, beautiful skin.

Baby Got SequePulse®

Our premium products and dedicated customer support define us. Because we designed the Baby Quasar to be a smaller version of our professional models, we were able to include four wavelengths of light and our SequePulse® Technology. SequePulse® Technology is our answer to the problems normally associated with the use of multiple wavelengths of light. Many others are still trying to figure this out, or worse, decide to leave out the benefits of multiple wavelengths. By sequentially pulsing the light, we can eliminate harmonics in the light, thereby allowing you to achieve faster, better results.

Specific results include stimulating the production of collagen (something that slows as we age), diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores, firming and toning the skin, increasing blood flow and circulation, reducing inflammation, redness and acne.  Sounds good right?   What we are going to find out over the next few weeks is – does it work?  This is my preliminary review and I will update in about three to four weeks with further results.

The Baby Quasar arrived very quickly at my home and I opened it immediately.

Inside the box the Baby Quasar was safely tucked in black foam.  The device is made out of brushed stainless steel and feels solid, but is fairly lightweight to handle.

The first thing I did was pull out the enclosed information to see how I should use it.  I was a little confused in exactly how to start the treatment.  There are three settings – low, medium and high but I wasn’t sure which one to use.  I decided to start out with the low, which is recommended for sensitive skin.  You are to divide the face into 6 sections and then start with section 1 and work your way around your face.  There is a soft tone to let you know when it is time to move to the next section.  The other part I wasn’t really sure about is that the sensitive setting runs for two minutes but the treatment is supposed to be 28 to 30 minutes long.  So I guess you do each section twice.

For the first treatment I did each section once, so that I could see how my skin would react.  I started the treatment and immediately wanted to lay down and enjoy the feeling.  I honestly felt like I was getting a salon treatment and it just didn’t feel right sitting at my computer applying the treatment!  It feels so soothing and wonderful that you just want to lay back and enjoy it!  The only problem I had was that the cord is pretty short and it kept pulling out of the Baby Quasar.  Easily solved with an extension cord though.

Once I completed the treatment (about 16 minutes total) I went to check the mirror.  My skin had a slight glow, and felt just a bit irritated or tight.  Other than that I didn’t really notice anything (you are not really supposed to for about 6 weeks – but I just thought I would check).  I had read in some information to treat once or twice a week.  So for the first couple of weeks I did one treatment per week on the sensitive setting.  Then I reread the manual and found that to say two or three times a week so now I am upping the strength and going for three treatments per week.

So I have now done 6 treatments and I can say that my pores seem to be a bit smaller and less noticeable and my skin tone seems improved.  But the really exciting news is that last week when I reread through the information I saw where it increases effectiveness of serums or lotions that you may use in your skin care regimen.  As part of my Anti-Aging Series I am reviewing SkinBright and was having really good results with it on some sun spots that had started forming at my temples.  I decided why not combine the two and apply the SkinBright right before my Baby Quasar treatments?  Well let me tell you that the combination worked like an eraser for my spots and most of them can not even be seen anymore after three combined treatments!!!!!!!  I am seriously excited about this because those darn spots were really bothering me.  Maybe because you can’t pretend you are not aging when you have age spots staring back at you in the mirror heh…

So for my initial review, I feel that these are some very promising results and am so far impressed with what I have experienced.  I look forward to seeing what will happen with increasing the strength and I will also be completing the treatment every three days.  I will be back in about three weeks to let you know how its going!

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Comments (4)

  1. laura c

    I am interested in making a purchase but am curious about any problems with the device after repeated uses. In other words, has anyone had problems with defects or service?

  2. The Quasar light therapy sounds like it is good for enlarged pores. Do I have to hold the device to my face for 20-30 minutes at a time? That seems excessive to me. Also do you have to use SkinBright lotion or is it possible to use other lotions to get the same good effect?

  3. A H

    I saw Baby Quasar on the Doctor’s Show. Still skeptical about its effectiveness. My friend recommends buy from Fabove, which offers free universal adaptor as I travel to Asia a lot.

  4. wbear

    baby quasar update?????

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