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hCG Weight Loss Program – Days 21-26 with hCG Tips

February 12, 2010 |

Jeff Russell, IAPAMAs is indicated in the manuscript, its normal to see a day of gain, a day of nothing loss, a day of a little loss, and some days with big loses. The ride is even wilder for women, especially during their menstruation cycle. What really matters is what happens at the end of the week, so try and focus on how you did at the end of the week. So what are my numbers? As of day 26, I’m down a total of 20.6lbs, so I am really happy. I started at 204lbs, and now I’m at 183.4lbs. But what about my daily weight loss? It comes in at an average loss of .79lbs/day. So I’m certainly down from the 1/lb a day I started out losing, but it’s within the average weight loss range (.5-.8lbs/day). The average weight loss seems to depend on how overweight you are, and if you are man or a woman. I was certainly considered overweight, but not obese, so my personal loss is within the norm of a man of my weight.

Day 21 – Down 1.2 yeah!
Day 22 – Down 0.4
Day 23 – Down nothing!
Day 24 – Down 0.6
Day 25 – Down 1.2
Day 26 – Down 0.8

One day I decided to weigh myself at various times throughout the day to see what type of variance can occur in one day. It was quite amazing. From 8:30am-9:00, I lost 0.4lb; from 9am-1pm, I lost 0.6; from 1pm-3pm, I gained 2.2lbs! from 3pm-5pm, I lost 0.2; from 5pm-7:30pm, I gained 2.2lbs! from 7:30pm-11:00pm, I lost 1.4lbs; and the next morning at 8am, I was down 0.8 from the previous days starting weight. So needless to say, it’s very important to weight yourself once a day at the same time (the best and easiest time is probably when you get up in the morning, after you emptied your bladder).

I’ve noticed a lack of bowel movements (I know you should only be having them every 2-3 days, but I think I’m going longer). I added an orange for my evening snack and things appear to be moving. Bowel movements seem to correlate to large weight loss days (i.e. over 1lb). I’ve heard Smooth Tea is a good alternative, anyone try that? Or has your doctor suggested another diuretic?

I know some of my slowdown in weight loss can be attributed to the cornstarch that is in my antibiotics, so I’m trying to add a 20 minute walk within an hour or two of eating lunch or dinner, and it seems to be helping.

Here are some tips I’d like to share:

  • Go shopping before you start the Protocol. Costco (& other retailers) have a large selection of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts and frozen white, lean fish (i.e. sole, tilapia, halibut), crab and lobster. This way you always have something in your freezer you can quickly defrost.
  • Go shopping every 2-3 days for fresh vegetables. Most of the acceptable vegetables will last several days in the refrigerator.
  • Limit your coffee consumption; drink water or green tea instead.
  • Grill your meat on an outdoor BBQ or an indoor grill (i.e. George Foreman Grill). You will lose more fat and gain flavor!
  • Take advantage of all the available spices. With spices, you can get an Italian, Cajun, Southwest, or Indian themed meal going very quickly.
  • Many patients have successfully substituted bison for red meat.
  • Try and limit red meat to no more than a couple of times a week.
  • Have different meats and vegetables each day (i.e. don’t have chicken for lunch and dinner).
  • Try eating strawberries and oranges; they have fewer calories than apples.
  • Try different types of apples and oranges; it helps liven your meals up.
  • Some patients use Apple Cider Vinegar (since apples and vinegar are both on the original manuscript).
  • Whole Foods is a great source for food and acceptable cosmetics.
  • Don’t use onion and garlic salt, use onion and garlic powder. You can then add salt if needed. (because many seasoned “salts” contain sugar!)
  • Don’t mix your vegetables!
  • No chewing gum or mints.
  • Meat must been lean (i.e. extra lean ground beef is ok, rounds steak is ok, ribeye steak is not). Veal is generally always lean.

Well, I’m getting to the home stretch now, I can see the end! In my next entry, I’ll give you my latest numbers and any other tips I can think of!

You can read more details about our hCG weight loss research on the IAPAM’s website, as well, physicians wanting to learn details of the how to incorporate hCG into their practice can also attend one of the IAPAM’s Medical Weight Management training programs. Please also Fan our hCG for Weight Loss Facebook Page!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my experience with the IAPAM hCG weight loss Protocol! And please feel free to leave a comment or question.

Cheers, Jeff Russell

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Comments (3)

  1. Stacey P

    Hi Jeff: I did use Smooth Move tea my first round. I eliminated some the next day but it wasn’t anything to speak of. I figure as long as I keep to my gallon+ of fluids (mostly water) every day, my body will do what it is designed to do in it’s own time. When taking injections, I probably have a BM every 3-5 days. If you think about it, our intake of solids is so low I am not surprised there is so little “waste.”

    Regarding the spices, be sure to read the labels because many have not only sugar, they also have starch to prevent caking!

  2. Looks like you’re doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

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