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American Society of Plastic Surgeons Reports 15.1 Million Cosmetic Procedures in 2013; Marks Fourth Consecutive Year of Growth

February 26, 2014 |

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) today released its annual procedural statistics reporting that 15.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures, including both minimally-invasive and surgical, were performed in the United States in 2013, up 3 percent since 2012. In addition, 5.7 million reconstructive surgery procedures were performed last year, up 2 percent. What’s behind the boost? New products and advances in technology may be paving the way for plastic surgery’s growth.

In 2013 alone, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved several new plastic surgery devices and products, including two form-stable silicone gel breast implants and a hyaluronic acid facial filler designed to treat mid-face volume loss. In fact, all three U.S. based breast implant manufacturers now have form-stable implants on the market.

“The demand for plastic surgery remains strong, with our statistics showing increases in both cosmetic surgical and minimally-invasive procedures,” said ASPS President Robert X. Murphy, MD. “Facial rejuvenation procedures were especially robust last year, with more Americans opting for facelifts, forehead lifts, eyelid surgery, fillers and peels. With new devices and products hitting the market each year, there are more options and choices available to consumers wanting to refresh their look or a little nip and tuck.”

Cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures increased 3 percent, to more than 13.4 million procedures in 2013. The top five minimally-invasive procedures were:

  • Botulinum toxin type A (6.3 million injections, up 3 percent)
  • Soft tissue fillers (2.2 million procedures, up 13 percent)
  • Chemical peel (1.2 million procedures, up 3 percent)
  • Laser hair removal (1.1 million procedures, down 4 percent)
  • Microdermabrasion (970,000 procedures, no change)

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